Patient Participation Group

Help shape the future of your practice at our regular meetings.

Would you like to be part of a team that helps improve your GP practice? Join us to discuss issues affecting you and other patients.

What is a PPG?

PPGs are a group of patients and members of staff based out of a GP practice. They work to improve the overall experience of the patient population registered at that practice.

Who sits on a PPG?

PPGs are usually made up of a group of volunteer patients and the practice manager. There is usually one or more of the GPs from the practice too.

What do PPGs do?

PPGs usually meet on a regular basis to discuss the services on offer. They will look at how improvements can be made for the benefit of patients and the practice. Depending on the skills, availability, and motivation of those involved, what you can do in your PPG can vary.

For example, PPGs undertake an annual patient survey to improve ways of working and relationships between patients and the practice.

How do I join the PPG?

To find out more, get in touch with the reception team.

PPG Minutes

PPG Minutes – 10.05.24

PPG Minutes – 09.02.24

PPG Minutes – 24.11.23

PPG Minutes – 11.08.23

PPG Minutes – 11.04.23